June 5, 2022 was an unforgettable moment for the NSA Junior High Girls & Boys Basketball Team. It’s the day to determine the 2022 WALIKOTA CUP champions which has been waited for a long time by the two teams.

The tension was felt even 30 minutes before the team was on the pitch. Based on the schedule determined by the organizer; The Girls Basketball Team advanced to fight for the first place at 15.30 WIB against Petra 1 Christian Junior High School, while the Boys Basketball Team first advanced to fight for the third place at 11.30 WIB against AC 1 Junior High School.

With the passion, enthusiasm, fighting spirit and cohesiveness of the NSA Junior High Basketball Team. Both teams won the championship on the last day of the 2022 WALIKOTA CUP. The Girls Team won first place with a score ratio of 42: 28, while the Boys Team won third place with a ratio of 40: 19.

This has become a very meaningful moment for the team, especially for the captains and members who are already in grade 9. This competition is the last competition conducted by members of grade 9. “I am happy and grateful because God has given us the opportunity to become champion. Since this is our last match in 9th grade.”- said Anna (Captain of Girls Basketball) during an interview at Lapangan Thor that afternoon. “Keep the spirit especially for practicing, not to feel good enough, keep practice to be better, and always pray to God.” She continued as a message for his successor members later. This was also added by Satrio, the Captain of the Boys Basketball Team, who is also in grade 9, “Keep up the spirit for those of you who will join the team or are already in the team, don’t be arrogant and keep practicing!” – he said.

This happiness was also felt by Coach Christy as the coach of the Girls Basketball Team. “I’m very happy. In the last year of this school year, they can finish their assignments, especially in grade 9. They can provide good memories for the NSA and for themselves. And I’m very impressed because this year they closed with 3 championships’ winner award.”

Meanwhile, Coach Endro as the coach of the Boys Basketball Team expressed his hope for the team not to be complacent and try to develop themselves as best as they can. “My hope is that every year the NSA able to build good players from zero to proficient ones. The point is…that we are never tired to train and coach these children so they will not only improve in their basketball’s skill but also their knowledge, disciplines and characters. What I prioritize is discipline and character value. So, their character must be good first, if it is not good, it will automatically be carried away in basketball.” said Coach Endro, who is usually called Konde. This was also added by Coach Christy, “the first thing is sisterhood, the second is that on the field we have to be warriors. Therefore, I always say to them ‘since you put on your jersey, you must be ready for war. If you’re not ready, don’t wear it’” – she said at the end of our interview.