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Nation Star Academy is committed to developing students who are ready to face global challenges but have a heart that cares for the environment, as well as to nurture and hone students’ potential.


Best In Education

Our Children today are our future tomorrow. Having this belief, we perceive that students we educate today. One day will become leaders who bring a transformative impact, for the society, environment and country.

21st Century Learning

To perform in today's challenge, students are equipped with 21st century skills, attitude and literacy


Teachers are the heart of education. With the spirit of WE CARE, we teach with heart to touch students life.


We embed a value based curriculum into all subjects. By doing this, we believe that our students will rise as virtuous people.


Preschool education is very important for the learning process and the subsequent development of students. Preschool provides a holistically supportive learning environment and experience that helps preschoolers have preschool skills through play, singing, movement.

Elementary School

At the elementary level, the curriculum is focused on building a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy to help students succeed in school. With the learning by doing method, students can connect with why and how their learning is relevant to life and put what they have learned into practice in life.

Junior High School

Junior high school is a very important period for building a positive self-image, social skills, and critical thinking. The concept that every outstanding and gifted student is characterized by good morals is nurtured.

Senior High School

At the latest stage of K-12 education, NSA High School ensures that students are prepared for higher education, careers, and global challenges by optimizing their potential and demonstrating good attitudes

Latest News

Accreditation ceremony with Imlek

At NSA on January 31st, 2023, we celebrated our accreditation ceremony together with Imlek. For the Imlek celebration, we had a cultural crossover day. The

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